Data sheet partition wall

Raw aluminium profile of the same design, both for the upper and lower one. It is fitted with closed cell sponge tape to guarantee soundproofing and to compensate for floor imperfections. The fixing can be mechanical (dowels or screws) or with double-sided adhesive. The upper perimetric profile can also be applied with false ceiling solutions on request.
SUPERIOR CURRENT PROFILE: in profiled aluminum foil prepared with a closed-cell, double-sided sponge tape, this is due to soundproofing and to compensate for small imperfections in the ceiling. The upper current can also be applied with passing false ceiling solutions, in this case it is applicable IF the "septum" between the false ceiling and the ceiling is required; 
COLUMN: Raw tubular aluminium profiles prepared for the insertion of upper/ lower brackets. They are positioned at a distance within the floor or ceiling currents according to the module provided
CONSTRUCTION BEAM: raw tubular aluminium profiles prepared for the insertion of gaskets and accessories suitable for mechanical fixing to the upright, at the project height
PERPENDICULARS: aluminium profile with closed cell sponge tape to guarantee soundproofing. Mechanical fixing, with dowels or screws, or with double-sided adhesive.

ANGLES: painted aluminium profiles, suitably shaped and composed to meet the different angles requirements required in the design and construction phase:

  • mobile corners are 45 ° to 179 °,
  • fixed angle of 45 °.

BLIND BUFFERS: 14 mm chipboard panels with anti-scratch and anti-mold melamine coating.

TRANSPARENT TAMPONAMENTS: Float glass slabs, 5 mm thick and 3 + 3.

FINISCH COVERS: horizontal or vertical, are made of extruded aluminium profiles and equipped with suitable gaskets.

SELF-SUPPORTING STRUCTURE: The wall structure is composed of elements in extruded raw aluminium profiles, suitably shaped to contain panels, gaskets, glass, etc., also sized for large widths and heights, as well as the door frame, made with extruded profiles of painted aluminium, suitably shaped and without sharp edges.

MODULES: The modularity of the "COPERNICUS" walls is not predefined but adapts to the required architectural and technical requirements without affecting its thickness (100 mm); this also applies to the doors of the "wall system".

COMPONIBILITY: The components of the partition wall are the aluminium profiles with regard to the supporting structure, for the blind infill panels a 14 mm thick particleboard panel is used with an anti-mould and anti-scratch melamine coating on both sides. the transparent infills are used a float glass sheet, 5 mm thickness on both sides, except for special requests.

The versatility of the "COPERNICUS" wall is wide, as it also accepts blind plugs covered with stretched fabrics, lacquers, recomposed, plastic laminates, etc. and / or various wood essences, like this. as for the transparent part that accepts printed-coloured-silk-screened glasses etc.

The doors of the system can be in wood, thickness 50 mm, wood / glass, thickness 50 mm and, fully glazed, thickness 10 mm, those in wood are with frame in natural wood, hollow, covered with plastic laminate.