The Keplerus’ program is born and realized to answer, in a concrete and optimal way, to the most different needs and managements of a workplace. With Keplerus, it is possible to organized and to arrange the areas in an ordered and rational way (from the office, to the laboratory, to the archive…) also giving to the environments a personalised and particular aesthetical effect.

Keplerus colors range and finishes also allow its perfect integration with existing situations, while its system flexibility lets the strucural and logistics improvement, in addition to the distribution of the vital functions of the workplace.

Keplerus is the wall unit for excellence, and its puropose is to organize the space. Storing paper materials, re-organizing objects, equipments…  the wall unit allows a serious simplified organization of the workspaces and the workplace.

Keplerus, Copernicus e Hubbles constitute an integrated perfect set, since their basic characteristics are functionality and aesthetic.

Materials’ qualities, finishing and security complete this system bringing it up-to-date…also in the future.