Taking advantage of the glass capacity and the modularity of the system, the monolithic wall system allows large and continuous glazed surfaces with modules one after the other, without intermediate uprights. It is the ideal solution when the architectural project requires visual lightness, little space and easy assembly. The single glass wall can be easily integrated with the other dividing systems to create bright, elegant but also functional spaces.

Knots and angles. The glass and wooden elements adhere to each other thanks to the system of transparent polycarbonate joints. Linear or angular elements are designed to have a perfect coplanarity and stability of the plates and the infill panels. The Hubbles wall also includes a technical module, which is connected to the upright to house the wiring and allows the installation of sockets, push-button panels and signalling screens.

The monolithic HUBBLES wall, is a system for the division of interior spaces with a lower and upper profile of 40 mm in width and 25 mm in height, made of primary alloy aluminium, designed to accommodate modules in laminated glass or melamine panels. The profiles are in silver oxidised aluminium finish, can be painted in the RAL range or offered in other finishes such as the polished or brushed ones.

The monolithic HUBBLES wall provides the possibility of being mounted separately or aggregated to other distribution systems. The glass can be supplied, as well as in the standard types, with screen printing, in drawing and coloured, in order to satisfy all design request